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Laskar Pelangi The Movie Last Part 12

Minggu, 21 Juni 2009 , Posted by All The Best Wallpaper Free at 00.00

This is the lat part of laskar pelangi the movie, do you like it, huff i hope you will like it so much. In laskar pelangi, the director added selling price "home-video" that the intentionally marketed to reach a variety of stratified society. He breaks down, the price of the film "Laskar Pelangi" version sold Rp59.000 DVD, VCD version with the price of Rp39 thousand booklets and bonus books constraint, and the most affordable price is Rp19.000 for economic VCD contains only a fragment without any additional bonus. "With the price that is relatively inexpensive, we hope that piracy can be pressed, as if speaking a matter of piracy is already so difficult disease and loss," he said while adding some sales will be donated to fund children's education. i hpe you will like it so much.. ;)

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